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Car key copies
Fob key replacement
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Car key replacement

Local-Lock-Locksmith, with over 12 years of experience in auto locksmith service.
We have technicians who can solve any problem.
Sometimes we lost a car key and suddenly we find that we don’t have spare car keys.
In this situation nothing to worry about, all you need to do is call us and we will make sure one of our technicians comes up to you.we will make a car key replacement  for you.If you need more than one of our automotive service, you can always ask one of our technicians.

you have any problem? don’t wait and CALL US NOW (720) 551-5551 we are ready to help you


Car keys services including:

Fob key replacement

key fob programming

car key copies

Ignition repair

Extracting Broken Key

car key replacement

Key fob programming/replacement

We at the Local-Lock-Locksmith have the most innovative and advanced programming system.
This is why we can program almost any vehicle.
If you purchased a car remote we can certainly reach you and do you car key programming.
Our technicians carry in their vehicles all the equipment and systems needed to give you the best service so you don’t have to reach us.
We also have the ability to provide all remotes for all types of vehicles.
Do you need key fob replacement? Duplicate key? key stocked in the ignition?
Contact us now (720) 551-5551 and we will solve any problem for you.

Car key copies

Local-Lock-Locksmith always recommends doing car key copy so you have a spare key.


Most frequent questions and answers

Not at all! you don’t need to be worry. our technicians have all the special tool to make a new car key for you

Usually making a new car key takes no more than 30 minutes. Some vehicles require a little more effort but not more 45 min-1 hour

Car key replacement prices range from $ 60- $ 700, depending on the car model, vehicle year, and type of key you want to make.

It usually takes us 15 to 25 minutes for a customer to call a service call.
Our technician will contact you and tell you he’s on your way.

Absolutely yes! Our technicians are trained to do all of the locksmith  services so you don’t have to waste your time and money.

The most important thing is that we are delighted that you have chosen the Localock locksmith, be sure we will give you the best and most professional service you will be satisfied with.
Another important thing to know is that we require the presentation of a driver’s license and ownership of the vehicle.


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