Ic core lock
kwikset key
In use indicator
mortise lock
push bar/panic bar
yale kepad lock

Locks and Keys

Local-Lock-Locksmith, Provides its customers with a variety of locks and keys.
You choose and we will provide and install for you.
We will save you time, our technicians always have locks and keys in the vehicle.If you are a homeowner or business owner you can always consult with us on what type of lock is right for you. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the confidence required for your home or business. Contact us today (720) 551-5551 or (720) 404-9999 and get keep you place safe. 


what type of locks and keys are you looking for?

deadbolts & doorknob locks

kwikset smart deadbolt lock

Kwikset deadbolt

Schlage deadbolt lock

Schlage deadbolt

Baldwin deadbolt lock

Baldwin deadbolt

doorknob lock

Kwikset doorknob

doorknob lock

Schlage doorknob

mail box lock

Mail box lock

mortise lock

mortise lock

security lock and mechanism

storm/security lockset

black French lock

Multipoint lock

security lock with mechanism and keys

marks mortise lock

keypad locks & smart locks

kwikset keypad lock

Kwikset keypad

Schlage keypad lock

Schlage keypad lock

Yale keypad lock

Yale keypad lock

keypad lock

smart key lock

front door lockset

front lockset

commercial locks

paddle lock commercial lock

peddle handle lock

panic bar lock

vertical rod bar

lever handle with mechanism

mortise lockset heavy duty

ic core lock with keys

IC core lock

lever handle lock

Lever handle lock

push bar lock

panic/push bar lock

lever handle lock with keypad lock

Simplex keypad lock

RIm cylinder lock

Rim cylinder lock

tumble mortise lock

Tumbler mortise

trilogy lock with handle

Trilogy lock


Yale blank key

Yale key

Schlage blank key

Schlage key

sergent blank key

Sergent key

2 kwikset keys

Kwikset key

Baldwin key

Baldwin key

do not duplicate blank key

Do not duplicate

What are the different types of door locks?

The types of locks differ in their level of security.
There are standard locks at a low security level and there are locks at a very high security level. It is important to note that the one who chooses the level of security is the customer, we can only recommend which lock according to the customer’s requirements.